Honor Roll Pennant

These records date from 1983 until the present time. In February 2001 there was an equal opportunity ruling made that changed the face of Pennant both Ladies and Men forever. Mens pennant became Saturday Open Pennant where teams are picked from both sexes based purely on ability. Ladies Pennant had further claridication in 2006 but is now known as Midweek Pennant, in this divison it is open pennant with some restrictions as outlined in the rules and regulations of Pennant. In 2011 the Ladies and Mens sections amalgamated to become North Gippsland Bowls Division.

 Midweek Pennant

Year Div 1 Div 2 Div 3
2019-20 Maffra Heyfield Kanga’s
2018-19 Heyfield Yarram
2017-18 Maffra Yarram
2016-17 Maffra Maffra
2015-16 Sale Sale
2014-15 Sale Sale
2013-14 Sale Heyfield
2012-13 Sale Sale Golf
2011-12 Sale Stratford
2010-11 Maffra Sale
2009-10 Heyfield Stratford
2008-09 Sale Sale
2007-08 Wurruk Stratford
2006-07 Maffra Sale Golf
2005-06 Maffra Stratford
2004-05 Maffra Sale Golf
2003-04 Sale Wurruk
2002-03 Maffra Sale Sale
2001-02 Sale White Maffra Red
2000-01 Maffra Sale Red Stratford
1999-00 Heyfield Yarram Wurruk
1998-99 Maffra Stratford Wurruk
1997-98 Yarram Yarram Sale Golf
1996-97 Sale White Stratford Sale
1995-96 Sale Golf Stratford Stratford
1994-95 Sale Golf Sale Heyfield
1993-94 Sale Sale blue Maffra Black
1992-93 Heyfield Wurruk White Loch Sport
1991-92 Yarram  Green Stratford Sale
1990-91 Heyfield Maffra Heyfield
1989-90 Maffra Stratford Maffra
1988-89 Sale Blue Sale Golf Wurruk
1987-88 Maffra Stratford Wurruk
1986-87 Yarram Stratford Loch Sport
1985-86 Sale Blue Sale White Sale Golf
1984-85 Sale Blue Yarram
1983-84 Sale Blue Stratford

Saturday Pennant

Year Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4
2018-19 West Sale Heyfield West Sale
2017-18 Sale White Stratford Sale White
2016-17 Heyfield West Sale Sale Blue
2015-16 Sale White Sale White Sale Blue
2014-15 Sale White Rosedale Sale Blue
2013-14 Maffra Heyfield Sale White
2012-13 Sale White Sale White Sale White
2011-12 Heyfield Yarram Sale White
2010-11 Heyfield Yarram Sale White
2009-10 Sale White Yarram Yarram
2008-09 Sale White Wurruk Maffra Red
2007-08 Sale White Yarram Stratford
2006-07 Heyfield Yarram Maffra
2005-06 Heyfield Sale White Loch Sport
2004-05 Heyfield Sale White Sale White
2003-04 Sale White Stratford Sale White
2002-03 Heyfield Blue Rosedale Maffra
2001-02 Sale Golf Sale White Sale White
2000-01 Heyfield Rosedale Sale White
1999-00 Sale White Heyfield Sale White
1998-99 Sale White Heyfield Sale White Wurruk
1997-98 Sale Blue Stratford Sale White Maffra
1996-97 Sale Blue Heyfield Sale Blue Heyfield
1995-96 Sale White Sale White Rosedale Yarram
1994-95 Yarram Sale White Sale White Loch Sport
1993-94 Yarram Heyfield Stratford Sale Golf
1992-93 Sale White Sale Gold Sale Black Sale Red
1991-92 Heyfield Yarram Gold Maffra Maffra
1990-91 Sale Black Yarram Gold Sale Black Sale Blue
1989-90 Heyfield Stratford Sale Sale Blue
1988-89 Sale Black Sale Golf Sale Blue Heyfield
1987-88 Yarram Green Rosedale Sale White
1986-87 Heyfield Sale Blue Heyfield
1985-86 Heyfield Heyfield Sale White
1984-85 Sale White Rosedale Sale Blue